Tuesday, September 21, 2010

UPDATED: Produce Day

Well...I have to say this is the first time that I've been a little disappointed with my delivery.  I think I probably got my money worth, but then again...I'm not really sure?  Also...the first thing I saw was a fuzzy strawberry.  It's not like I don't know that is gonna happen from time to time....but it was the first thing I saw.  Boo!

Here is what I got:

2 yellow squash
3 small zucchini
2 sweet potatoes
4 vidalia onions
10 bananas
7 yukon gold potatoes
10 apples
1 head of cauliflower
1 lb. strawberries (boo for the two of them stuck together with fuzz)
1 lb. radishes
8 oz. whole mushrooms
6 limes
6 peaches
4 nectarines
large bunch of broccoli

PLEASE DON'T LET MY TINY BIT OF DISAPPOINTMENT THIS WEEK DISCOURAGE YOU FROM TRYING THIS OUT.  I have been participating in this for many months now and I am normally super excited with everything!!!  I'm gonna chalk this one up to the fact we are in between seasons.  I'm looking forward to winter veggies!!!  Whoot :)

If you are interested check out:  http://www.communityhelpingscoop.com/ for more information.

*UPDATE*  I should have noted this in my original post.  My disappointment wasn't with the quantity of food in this last delivery, but more along the quality side of things.  Like I said before the fuzzy strawberry was the first thing I saw.  The zucchini and squash were teeny tiny and already starting to wrinkle.  The peaches just like the strawberries and zucchini are just way out of season so they  weren't that good.  However, it is peek apple season yet the apples were really bruised and one had all kinds of those little wormy hole lookin' things - eww!    I normally find a use for them, but we are always getting limes - kind of tired of them.

I guess what I'm really waiting for is stuff like the different types of winter squash, leeks, and beets.....like I explained though....it's in between seasons and I totally understand, but I see them in the stores and I want to whine about it and be a big baby.  Haha!

Until my next delivery.......


Anele said...

Dang if that's a disappointing basket, I'd hate to see how big a plentiful one is! :)

Jen said...

Hey there! I found your comment through the message board. I am totally diggin' the produce co-op! Big fan - I post on my blog too, and post recipes.

Have a great day!