Saturday, January 14, 2012

Taco Shells

Weighing in at only 80 calories, 1 gram of fat, 10 grams of sodium, and 2 grams of my new friends Mr. EXTRA THIN TORTILLAS!!!

Now...I'm a crunch factor kinda gal. So I set out to find a HEALTHY way to turn these into taco shells!!! I found THIS BLOG which is the main inspiration to making mine, but I am WAY to impatient to wait 1 hour to bake some shells so I went full force 350 degrees, baby!!! I still made the little tents out of an aluminum foil lasagna pan I had on hand.

Then warmed up my tortillas in the microwave to help them lay properly over the aluminum forms.

The oven was preheated and ready to go.....about 10 minutes later...they were ready! Be sure to let them cool and fully harden before handling. How freakin' GENIUS!!!

HERE IS A QUICK TIP FOR REMOVING THEM FROM THE OVEN AFTER THEY ARE DONE: I couldn't take a picture since this is a double handed duty, but I will try my best to describe. Using a flat wooden spoon or any sturdy utensil lift up the aluminum tent and taco shell from under the oven grate. Using your other hand slide a knife or thin utensil under the bend of tent above the grate, gently raise and place onto a surface to shown below. If you try to "pinch" them out chances are you will break some. I used this "lift and pull" method and didn't break one!!!

Enjoy with your favorite taco recipe!