<------Well, there I am!  I'm a 30-something wife and mother of two boys and I obviously like food.  Huh...ya think?

The main reason I love food so much though, isn't because of the taste.  I enjoy making yummy treats for other people a lot more than I like just cooking for myself.  I do love to cook for my family, but I also love to pass along recipes to my friends so they make it for their own families.

My culinary inspiration is my grandpa, Ray Schmidt.  He is by far the best cook I know.  His chicken-n-dumplings, cherry custard pie, and butternut squash soup are just a few of my favorite dishes.  However, my all time favorite holiday is Thanksgiving and that is purely based on the fact that my grandpa's Thanksgiving Feast is the best meal on earth!!!  His turkey is moist and full of flavor, his dressing is to die for, and mashed potatoes topped with the best gravy on earth.  Oh boy...my mouth is watering just thinking about it.  Another holiday to look forward to is Christmas Eve and I could care less about the gifts.  Our dinner consists of Prime Rib w/aus ju, baked potatoe, a vegetable (usually swimming in a cheese sauce), a salad of some sort, and parmesan pull apart bread.  Dessert and coffee always follows and that along with the family conversation around the table are some of the best memories of my life.  If the wine happens to be flowing too....even better!  I'm sure you will end up finding many of his dishes here on my blog....although he never has a recipe, so it's sometimes hard to get it exactly right. 

This blog is mainly and outlet for me to express my love for food.  Who knows if anyone will ever even read it, but if you've gotten this far.....I'm super excited that you decided to come along and knife, fork, and spoon with me!!!