Saturday, October 1, 2011

Red Pepper BioFresh Test

Nothing real scientific here...just using the bags and reporting the results.

This red pepper is from a produce delivery dated September 12th. Today is October 1st and this pepper is still crisp and no sign of wrinkling ;)

I actually had two peppers and the first one met it's destiny in some western hash browns with this morning's breakfast.

This remaining pepper will accompany some of her friends and family to a party inside Mr. Iceberg's house later this week. Others in attendance will be her younger brother Mr. Green Pepper, Mr. Water Chestnut, Mrs. Scallion and Mr. Carrot...the beautiful Miss Fresh Ginger who is bringing her new Baby Portabella for everyone to meet. The life of the party Mr. Ground Chicken will probably be the first one to jump in the pool. They will all lounge around in a hot tub filled with soy sauce, honey and red pepper flakes and then finally all meet up for dinner inside with Miss Riesling.

What a great party!!!

Until then....

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