Sunday, October 16, 2011

Back on the wagon!!!

In the groove and feeling good ;)

I just wanted to quickly share something for the tea lovers out there. This is by no way, shape, or form a replacement for chocolate....but it helped me get through the past few nights by not snacking in the evenings.

It's CHOCOLATE tea!!!

The brand is The Republic of Tea and while I bought it online I have also seen it sold at Whole Foods.

The taste is smooth and not bitter like some teas. Hot I like to add some splenda or sugar along with a tiny splash of non-fat creamer and that really helps curb a sweet craving.

Believe it or not, I also enjoy it cold. ;)

So...I would recommend The Republic of Tea to any tea lovers and/or dieters. If you order online they often send you samples of different flavors or new flavors. Which is really nice!!!

On a side note...I'm also living vicariously through baked good candle smells since I'm trying to stay away from actually baking them.

Check out at this absolutely adorable Paula Deen candle I came across at Wal-Mart:

This candle was fast burning so it didn't really last very long. The smell was fantastic, but it was pretty much centralized around the candle itself. While it didn't really fill the air with the smell of Apple Crumb Cake, it was super cute while trying!!! It would make a really great gift for the foodie in your life ;)

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