Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Thank you PIONEER WOMAN!!!

First, let me say that I'm super stoked for the premeire of The Pioneer Woman's new show on The Food Network this Saturday!!! I'm seriously considering adding a DVR option to our already overpriced satellite package or either skipping my son's first Saturday morning soccer game of the season in order to watch because I love her so much!!! Nahh...just kidding.  I'm sure I can catch it on a rerun soon.  Hopefully.  Finger crossed.

Secondly, if you don't know who The Pioneer Woman (Ree Drummond) is....have you been living under a rock?  She is this georgous red head from Oklahoma with a slight southern twang.  She is a author and blogger (that I bow down to) who writes about her life which includes topics such as cooking, photography, and homeschooling her children.  She has this hilarious sense of humor and if you read her blogs you almost always Laugh. Out. Loud.  She is an inspiration to many and just an overall amazing gal (Ha! I act like I personally know her or something) and I wish her well on The Food Network. onto THANKING her for recently changing my morning coffee routine and my afternoon coffee breaks!!! it is....the most recent highlight of my life......ICED COFFEE!!!

Whoopty doo???  Did you say WHOOPTY DOO!!!  Watch it now!!! 

This stuff is not just any iced is according to Ree, THE PERFECT ICED COFFEE and I have to say that I fully 110% agree with her!!!

I won't bother you with listing all the ingredients or even attempting to recreate the wonderful pictures that Ree has posted on her site.  (My IPhone did a fancy job at documenting my 3 o'clock coffee break, don'tcha think?)

Instead I will just direct you to her site and have you take it from there.

The Pioneer Woman's PERFECT ICED COFFEE!!!

AND....don't forget to catch her on Food Network starting this Saturday morning at 10:30 (CST).


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The Mrs said...

I can't wait to start watching. She's awesome.