Sunday, August 28, 2011


Well, this weekend can go down in the record books as the most strawberries used in my house...that is for sure ;)

Our coop got a GREAT deal on Strawberries...only $6.50 per flat.

They were absolutely gorgeous!!!

I also ended up with a bushel of green peppers so there was a lot happening in my kitchen over the weekend. Here are a few pictures of just a small portion of what all took place ;)

First up a double batch of reduced sugar Strawberry Freezer Jam. Getting ready to take out my aggression on some berries!!! Notice my PW Perfect Iced Coffee was ready and by my side!!!

My Pampered Chef Mix-n-Chop was the perfect tool to crush the berries.

Beautiful distractions made the process just a little bit longer. How could I not take a picture of that PERFECT strawberry!

Cut, chop, dump, cut, chop, dump....until I had 8 cups of crushed berries ;)

FINALLY 8 cups!!!

Here is Ethan helping me fill the jars. He was a bit too messy for my liking...

So easy and including distractions it only took about an hour ;)

Next, let's can some STRAWBERRY CHIPOTLE SAUCE!!! My new favorite!!! That same sweet and smokey flavor as the Raspberry Chipotle I've made in the past, but no annoying seeds!


This may sound weird, but here is another sweet/savory jelly in the works. I was making pepper juice for GREEN PEPPER JELLY! It was pureed green bell peppers, chopped green chiles and garlic being strained through cheesecloth to make "juice".

The juice is then cooked with vinegar and sugar to make this absolutely amazing looking jelly. I did use a little food coloring for a brighter green color. This would be good over cream cheese with crackers. I think it would also make a great glaze over roasted chicken or pork.

How about we finish this blog with something even more sweet???

We had the best Sunday morning breakfast we've had in a long time. I used the New Hope Mills whole wheat pancake mix that I got from the coop. It is by far the best whole wheat pancake mix I've had. The texture was light and fluffy. The flavor was wonderful alongside those fresh berries and the whipped cream!

Is this breakfast or dessert? Who cares, let's eat!!!

Thank you COMMUNITY HELPINGS PRODUCE COOP for keeping me busy this weekend. Next weekend is Carrot Cake Jam weekend...stay tuned!!!

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Justina Snyder said...

you are amazing.... I really wanted some strawberries...but my RA has been really bad lately..and my hands barely bend and then i remembered the doctor told me I was allergic to strawberries and that strawberries are bad for inflamation:(( I had been eating tons of them lately:((( Have you made the spinach salad with straberries? Delish, but I was thinking this morning maybe with blueberries insteAD...sounds yummy!